Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. We believe that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today, with editions ranging from community open source, to massive, large-scale enterprise SaaS based systems.

Who uses Magento?

Notable Companies using Magento: Coca Cola, Ford, Fox, Nike, Nestle and many more.

More than 1,00,000+ merchants all over the world use Magento platform for their business development and improvement.

Why Magento?

  • Open Source Software.
  • Covers 23% Market Share of the E-Commerce Development Software Indusrty.
  • Most popular E-Commerce Development Platform in the World.
  • Ability to quickly build customized solutions that work in sync with your ecommerce business needs owing to the flexibility of Magento platform.
  • Responsive and completely mobile-friendly.
  • Well Organized Back-End.
  • Easy to update Shopping Cart.
  • Advanced Search Filters for various types of products.
  • Easily Convertible into a custom iOS or Android App.