Project Management

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Functions and Features

Get a clear overview of time, costs and anything else happening with your projects at a single glance

Create Projects, Assign Tasks and Collaborate: Welcome feedback from other team members, assign tasks to each other, compare respective roles and responsibilities

Set task priorities from Low-Normal-High-Urgent

Detailed reports for consistently and regularly tracking your project completion status

Real Time Work Chat and Comments Stream


Mini-Chart Project Completion Statistics for too many Projects and Tasks

Nuanced Search

Visual Workflow Boards for segregating big scale projects and tasks

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Sales CRM

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Functions and Features

Maximize Sales with a Dashboard showing a clear picture of your yearly financial position through Charts and Statistics

Create GST Compliant Invoices

Create Estimates


Keep Track of Expenses

Add your Income Sources

Create Simple Reports

Create Unlimited Client Contacts

Stay in regular touch with your clients

Everything backed up at one place as History for better transparency

Trash it, Restore it

Maintain a Vehicle Log/Usage of your Company Staff

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Human Resource Management

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Functions and Features

Create Employees, Departments, Designations all from a Single HR Dashboard


Multiple Employee Categories


Multiple Company Departments


Multiple Employee Designations

HR Report Summary