Write for Us

We are looking for original contributions covering all aspects of Today’s Tech that will be of interest to tech lovers and enthusiasts. Contributions can be in any form – informative opinions, commentary, narrative writing, interviews, bi-weekly/monthly columns.

What we’re looking for:

Reviews: Is tech your jam? Do you want to share your thoughts?We’re interested in what you think of the best, the worst and the in between.

Interviews: Have you met somebody interesting? Do you want to share your conversation with a larger audience? We’re looking for interviews with movers and shakers, opinion makers and everything tech.

How to submit: If you’d like to submit a writing piece for our publication, please email us at help@innovul.com

Some submission guidelines:

  1. All submissions must be original and could be paraphrased or rephrased in an effective manner. Proper and Full Credits to be given to the Original Source of the Piece.
  2. Avoid jargon and technical language.
  3. Submissions should be made in a Word document rather than a PDF.
  4. Please provide a short title for your submission.
  5. Please include in-line hyperlinks of all sources.
  6. Please include a one-line bio along with your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business, Twitter, WordPress.com, Medium or LinkedIn Profile when submitting your writing piece for review.